Proudly Increasing Revenue For U.S. School Districts While Maximizing Student Participation In Healthy Meal Programs For Over 30 Years!
Creating a better future for our students - Today.
Center For Food Service Research Entire Focus is
Dedicated to Maximizing the Revenue Potential of
the School Nutrition Programs in America.

By helping all Food Service programs become more effective, two positive end results occur:
  1. - More students receive healthy, nutritious meals under USDA guidelines.
  2. - Schools benefit from the additional funds that a high performing food department provides.
The PANDEMIC of obesity among today's students can be short-circuited by healthy meals in schools.

With more students relying on schools for their meals, both during the school year and in the summer break, we have a phenomenal opportunity to influence eating habits that will positively impact the lives of our young people.

Please visit the massive Research Library of over 1,300 pages of data and statistics that show the tremendous financial power of the School Nutrition Program as a force for good in our schools.

Please add any information you may find relevant – and we will incorporate it for the benefit of all schools in America.

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